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Saturday, 23 August 2014

Lacey Summer Cardigan

 Good evening folks, you know I have been knitting for most of my life.  My mom taught me and I started with knitting for my dolls.  Since then I have had spates of doing loads and doing none at all.  Probably like most folk but I have never thought about putting any of my makes on my blog.
I suppose I take my knitting for granted a little.
So, my first knitting post is a cardigan I recently finished for myself.  I will say now that I only knit for me, hubby and me mom then if I am in a 'off knitting spate' I don't feel so guilty if they have to wait a couple of years - hee hee.
The pattern for this is from Stylecraft 8417.  I have knitted it in DK sirdar cotton but I am not sure which yarn. 
Please accept my apologies for the photograph, but it is my first one of showcasing a knitting project and it is something I clearly need to work on.  This was taken in my craft room after an afternoon of crafting hence all the bits on the floor.
I got back into knitting about 5 years ago knitting scarves, got bored with them and moved onto jumpers and cardigans for us.   I will admit my poor hubby had to wait 18 months for one jumper but then I did have a shoulder op mid knit.  He got it eventually.  Ofcourse now I knit nearly every evening.  At present I am doing a cardigan for my mom in navy blue sirdar wash n wear yarn  - lovely yarn to work with.  Mind you it has been going for some years now.  I will post that one when it is finished.  Back and fronts done, three quarters of 1st sleeve.
Thanks for stopping by and checking my first knit post out.  Take care and see you all soon.

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