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Friday, 20 July 2012

Introducing Enya

Good evening fellow crafters.  I have been blogging for a couple of months now and if you have been following me or just popping in to have a look you will have realised I am a card maker and stamper first and foremost however, I have really enjoyed taking my cards into the Craft Artist Professional so I decided to follow some advice given to me by one of my chums which was to start a scrapbook so here is my very first page.
I have done a couple before but they have been solely handmade and small - 6x6.  Plus they were for someone else. Enya's breeder actually.  I have also designed a couple of christmas cards too which I will put on here nearer the time.
Enya is our briard and she will soon be 5 years old.  She came to us at 3 yrs as a rehome and she is our 2nd briard.  Our first one was also a rehome, Stroller, but sadly he only lived with us just over 2 years and passed away at the ripe old age of 10yrs old. 
Stroller left such a big gap in our lives we got in touch with his breeder about a puppy.  He had a litter due which was going to be ready in the September 2010.  When we visited them to meet the puppy, in August, Enya took one look at me, jumped up, put her paws on my shoulder and proceeded to give me a really good wash.  Well the rest is history - she had completely won me over hadn't she.  She then took one look at Rob, my husband and decided she had better get him wrapped around her paw.  Needless to say we came home with her instead of the puppy.  She couldn't have anymore pups because she had had an emergency cescarian and had not been very well at all after that.  Turns out she would always have to have one of those so to carry on breeding from her would have been completely irresponsible so she decided to come home with us and luckily her breeder thought it would be a good idea too. He is, luckily for us, a very responsible breeder who considers his dogs first and foremost. We had to wait until she was back to good health and a good weight but she joined our family on the 8th September 2010.  She now rules the roost completely.  And she is absolutely gorgeous and my baby girl.
Sorry about the essay and I do hope you like my very first scrapbook page.  There will be more in due course but without the long essay, I promise.  Thanks for looking at my blog.  You take care.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous, well done on your first page.

  2. Thanks Helen. I really enjoyed it so there will be more to come but maybe not with the essay as Sheila keeps calling it!